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CityEngine 是Esri公司的非常优秀的三维建模软件,可以免费申请试用。 1、首先登陆申请网站: 2、选择Free Trial,如果没有账号选择Create a public account、 3、输入申请账号名和邮箱,在邮箱受到的邮件中,点击Activate Your Account   你可以看到有一个EVA开头的号码 这个就是首选序列号 保存下来,然后先安装好cityengine软件,之后在administrator里面授权,如下图


Better drawing experience In this release, we introduce new easy-to-use tools for drawing shapes of any form. For example, you can now draw building footprints with arcs, circles, and round corners. Also, these curved 2D shapes are useful when designing parks and recreational