CityEngine Plugins & APIs




Palladio is a plugin for SideFX Houdini. It provides “surface operator” nodes which enable the execution of CityEngine CGA rules within Houdini networks. Therefore, 3D environment artists do not have to leave their familiar Houdini toolset anymore to make use of the procedural modeling power of CityEngine.

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Serlio is a plugin for Autodesk Maya. It provides a modifier node which enables the execution of CityEngine CGA rules within a Maya scene. This allows the 3D environment artist to make use of the power of procedural modeling in CityEngine without have to leave the familiar Maya toolset.

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Unreal Engine


Vitruvio is a plugin for Unreal Engine (UE). It enables the use of CityEngine CGA rules for the generation of procedural buildings in the Unreal Editor or at runtime.

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PyPRT provides a Python binding for PRT (Procedural RunTime) of CityEngine. This enables the execution of CityEngine CGA rules within Python. Using PyPRT, the generation of 3D content in Python is greatly simplified.

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CityEngine SDK

One of the most important components of CityEngine is the “Procedural Runtime” (PRT). It consumes Rule Packages (RPK) authored with CityEngine and generates the 3D geometry of building models.

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